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October 23, 2013


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The Easiest Way to Clean - Levi x Reader.

It was just another mundane day surviving the titan's wrath, much like any other before. The expedition was tomorrow, and boy was ____ nervous. The soldier was a newbie to the Special Operations Squad, specially picked by none of than the Squad Leader, Lance Corporal Levi. She respected her squad leader (considering he was humanity's strongest it was hard not to); he was powerful, handsome and strongly believed in discipline although his apathetic and blunt demeanour made him hard to keep for company. ____  feared to even start a conversation with him, always expecting that if she did, she would only receive some uninterested or vague reply, maybe even just an agitated grunt, depending on how grumpy he's feeling. Corporal Levi also seemed to have some sort of problem with uncleanliness or untidiness. Well, ____ assumed so as his uniform was always spotless and pristine; his cravat folded delicately with care. It was obvious that time had clearly been spent into making him look presentable. Other than that, ____ had often heard her fellow cadets gossip about how he's a 'cleaning fairy' or some shit.

Lunch had finally made its way to the present time and she made her way to the Mess room with haste, stomach grumbling with anticipation. She easily found her friends: Mikasa, Eren, Armin, Jean and most of the others in the Scouting Legion.  It didn't take them long to notice her and before she knew it, they were ushering and calling to the girl to sit next to them. With a small yet childish smile tugging on the edges of her lips, she slid in between Eren and Armin on the gleaming wooden bench.

"______, you're finally here! Why are you so late?" Armin inquired curiously as he beamed those bright, blue eyes innocently at her.

"He-he, I guess I got caught up in my own thoughts; forgot what I was doing and lost track of time," ____ replied, shrugging casually. In all honesty, her thoughts had mainly been focused on the Corporal himself. She had been pondering fretfully over her current feelings for him, finally coming to the inevitable conclusion that, indeed, she had developed strong affection for her superior, much to her dismay. With him being of high authority and all, it only made the emotions you harboured for him harder to accept. Since coming to such a realisation, ____ could only worry about keeping this a secret from everyone else, especially the Corporal. She sighed and picked up the small loaf of bread from the plate in front of her, nibbling it slowly, (e/c) eyes focused on the interesting patterns and swirls the wooden table had engraved into it.

"Ah, again?" Eren grinned from ear to ear. "Bet you were thinking of a certain short-arse called Levi!" He chuckled, and some others joined in too as ____ could literally feel the blood rushing to her cheeks, probably making them appear red or at least a dusty pink. She punched Jaeger lightly on the shoulder, clearly flustered. So much for keeping it a secret.

"______, there's no point in denying it. We all know you have the hots for Corporal. It's obvious, really." Jean joined in with Eren's taunting, snickering hysterically. The (h/c) haired girl turned to shoot a sharp glare at Jean, who had his elbows leaning on her shoulders without her even giving him permission to do so. she flicked his fingers, urging him to move before she kicked him in his pride and joy. Little did the cadet know, the other person involved with this teasing had been watching the group the entire time, his deadpan expression remaining the same.

Levi glanced his eyes over to ____, for about the hundredth time this lunch. Hanji was quick to notice this repetitive action and finally decided to act on it, copying Jean and Eren's act of teasing.

"Heh, looking at _____ again? Huh, Corporal?" Hanji nudged him in the side with her elbow, giggling with a shit-eating grin covering her visage.

"Shut it, shitty glasses," Levi snapped back at her, his icy glare cutting daggers through her larger figure. But with Hanji being Hanji, she ignored his words and just intensified her goofy grin. It was blatantly apparent by now that Levi carried such compassionate feelings for _____ stored somewhere within his heart. The longing gazes, the way his eyes would soften at the sight of her, the constant state of denial he would enter whenever teased or asked about it, etcetera. All these things and yet it just seemed that he was never going to release those feelings. So instead, he locked them up, only causing him more distress and impatience with everyday that went by.

"You can't hide your feelings forever you know, Shorty. It will only make you feel worse and nobody likes an even grouchier Corporal." Hanji then got up and left without another word, hoping with all her might that maybe she had pushed Levi closer to confessing to ______. Levi knitted his eyebrows together as he thought carefully about his fellow Squad Leader's words. Still concentrating hard, he stole another look at ____, where he watched her friends laugh joyfully with her, a faint pink tint visible on her soft-looking cheeks. Maybe Hanji was right after all. 'Tch... damn it', he thought. Trying to ignore how he truly felt about _____ was destroying him slowly, the waiting and endless times he had thought of her was getting to him due to the fact that he still hadn't asked ____ to be his. He couldn't even finish his paperwork as fast as he used to as his mind always ended up being distracted by the image of her. Standing up, Levi strode over to her table and pushed Jean out of the way.

"Cadet _____, my office now." He was quick to stride through the exit of the Mess hall, leaving the female confused and the rest of the people inside the Mess hall perked up with interest.

"Huh? _____, are you in trouble or something?" Armin questioned, a muddled and perplexed look written on his child-like face.

"Or maybe Corporal Levi wants to have a little 'fun' with _____, privately," Jean sneered, winking one of his aurelian eyes in her direction suggestively.

"S-shut up!" She stuttered, connecting her fist to his stomach, but no where near to the point of actually hurting him. Leering at Jean until he eventually became out of sight, she shuffled quietly to find the Corporal in his office. ____ knocked on his door hesitantly. "It's ____ ____... you wanted to see me?" Her voice faded out when she heard the Corporal accept her right to enter, his voice as flat and monotonous as ever. She opened the door attentively so that she could avoid the chance of the door releasing bothersome creaks and therefore irking the man she admired dearly.

Soon ____ opened it wide enough to reveal the male himself, sitting neatly on his office chair with his one of his slender legs resting on the other. His onyx eyes followed and took notice of her every move. "Am I... in trouble, sir?"

"No, not at all." He got up, and glided over to her. He was a little taller/smaller than her, but not by much. A couple of centimetres at the most. "I wanted to tell you somethin-", he paused and suddenly his expression changed. It substituted for something similar to disgust, and he groaned quietly, "_____, what is that on your face?" Levi's scowl only deepened whilst he waited for his inferior to answer him.

"My face?" She raised one hand to her cheek subconsciously, searching for the mentioned fault. Levi sighed gravely and grasped his pointed fingers onto the bridge of his nose. Before she could investigate her face any further, she felt something push against her lips. ____ immediately identified the cause of the pressure suddenly being exerted upon her, her current state nothing short from being frozen in utter awe.

She struggled lightly against him, until eventually she absorbed the sentiment of this moment and gave in to her own needs and reciprocated the kiss. Even though she was surprised, she was in no way complaining. This action of passion had been desired from both sides for a while now, so they enjoyed it while it lasted. She felt her superior lick her bottom lip with his drenched tongue, demanding for entry. She rejected his plea to wiggle his wet muscle into her own cavern and he moaned, clearly annoyed with her disobedient behaviour. Shock travelled through her body as Levi moved downwards and nibbled on her neck instead, a gasp escaping her mouth. Taking his chance, he went back and traced over heated lips, until he slid his tongue slyly into ____'s mouth. His tongue fought against hers in a pitiful battle of dominance which Levi soon won. As much as this pleasured her, she pulled away for oxygen and the ability to speak again.

"Corporal, we really shouldn't be doing thi-" Levi shut her up by slamming one finger against ____'s lips harshly yet softer than she would've imagined.

"Did I say you could speak yet?" Oh. So he's using the whole 'I'm the leader here, you do what I tell you to do and nothing otherwise' method.

"But Corporal-"



"Call me Levi. We are no longer just fellow squad acquaintances. Now where were we?" He continued on with the kiss as expected. ____'s brain still could not process what was actually happening. After Levi placed more sloppy albeit loving kisses on her lips, he stopped and faced her with a plain, blank face.

"There was a crumb on your face. Most likely from that bread earlier." ____ stood there, star struck. Levi turned his back to her but hesitated and swivelled his head back. "Oh, and starting from tomorrow, you shall do all my daily chores so I can keep tabs on you."

"What?! Why?"

"Anyone who leaves their face as dirty as yours deserves to be punished." He pointed to the door. "I'll see you tomorrow, ____. Try not to die on the expedition either. I beg of you." But before he allows her to leave, he kisses her cheek delicately, then allows you to leave silently, stomach fluttering and head buzzing.
This is my first AoT/SnK x Reader, so I apologise beforehand if there are errors or if Levi is OOC.
I suddenly had this idea earlier and I didn't want to forget it so again, apologies because I kind of rushed.

I also checked for spelling mistakes and typos but I may have missed something so it would be greatly appreciated if you could point out any errors in the comments below!

I will probably write more AoT/SnK x Reader fan fictions soon, so if you want to request a character, I will consider it. But definitely expect more Rivaille x Reader fan fictions.
Thanks for reading c:
Word count: 1627

Levi belongs to Hajime Isayama.
You belong to yourself (or Levi? Haha)
The story belongs to me.
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